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You weren't scared of anything. There hadn't ever been something that made you scream from fear, or left you quaking in your boots, or made you start crying in hopes of whatever it was would change. But this was different. And it left you with two of those three symptoms. You were afraid of losing your brother. Some people would say that this was childish but… you were only fourteen, you had every right to act that little bit like a child, and you had every right to be nave.

“Brother, don’t make me go back!” You hugged his torso in desperation, hoping that he would allow that little bit of irrationality to take over his being. But of course, being irrational was just not his style. Or… maybe his irrational thoughts were telling him to do the same thing as the rational ones. “I don’t wanna go back to L.A., I wanna stay with you!”

“(Your Name)… why are you acting like this case is different from the others? You don’t normally behave so emotionally.”
“You don’t normally send me away! You think you’re going to die don’t you!? That’s why you’re sending me away! Isn't it?”
He started chewing on his thumb. “I forgot you’re my sister; you’re smart as well as stubborn.”

He pried your arms off of him and looked at your tear stained face in thought. Why was it that you had to be so emotional? You were like him in almost every way except for that one; and really, he didn't know whether to be jealous of you or to hold sympathy to you. Right now however, he was going for the sympathy option.

A shield shaped silver locket, made around the same time as the casket. There was a border of smooth and finer silver encompassing a body of rougher, yet brighter silver. Finely engraved leaves sneaked their way from the border and encompassed an edge of the body. But what was in the center of the body is what stood out the most. Finely engraved, as if the maker was afraid of breaking the delicate jewellery, was a single cursive letter. This letter stood for the one thing you and your brother shared; this letter that represented your family name. [1]

Carefully, you put the box down, and held up the locket by its chain.

“This belonged to our mother.” You faintly heard your brother’s voice ringing out. “It’s a tradition to pass it on to the women in our family on their wedding day. Our father’s mother gave it to our mother on that day, and I was going to do the same to you. But it seems that you need it more now, than you will then.”

He gently grabbed the locket and walked behind you. Pulling your hair up, you felt him putting it on around your neck.


This was one of the more boring days. Everyone was quiet and there was nothing going on. You were reading while leaning on Mello who was looking through the Death Note. Every now and then he would broadcast his thoughts, to which no one really cared. Just as long as they ended up richer or more powerful in the long run, they didn't care what he did. Honestly, how can people stand to think like that? It’s boring and dull!

“The next step is for me to figure out just how much I can control people with this thing.”

See! He’s unnecessarily broadcasting his thoughts to everyone! But since he’s pretty much talking to himself, does that mean he’s going crazy?

You started laughing at the thought.

“What the hell are you laughing at?”
Abruptly you stop and stare at the blond. At least you try to stop but you can’t help the small snickers. “Nothing, just thinking about you and your lost mind; exactly how long has it been missing? You act as if you've had to accommodate for its absence for a long time. So over 5 years would it be? ”

His mouth opened in preparation for a comeback. But the next thing that happened stopped you both in your tracks.

The Notebook… it was flying! It was freaking flying and it landed on Jack Neylon’s head, leaving behind a very dumbfounded you and Mello.

“The uh… Th-the notebook just flew!”
“Did no one else notice that a Notebook just go up on its own accord and freaking flew?”

Your back was to The Boss, but you could only imagine the look he was giving you.

“It’s a notebook that kills people! Hell, nothing surprises me anymore.”


“Whaaaaa!” Jack’s scream made everyone turn their heads. He had fallen out of his chair and was pointing at mid-air. “Boss, who is this; the guy in the freaky costume, who the hell is he!? Who brought him here!?”

Okay… so you said that Mello was going crazy, and now Jack is seeing things. What the hell is going on?

“A Shinigami? Hehe, Haha!” And now… he was talking to himself too. This was creepy!

But a Shinigami, Shinigami was the Japanese word for a God of Death, a Soul Reaper or even a Grimm Reaper if you’d like. Why would he choose to see that? Is it because of the Death Note?

He awkwardly grabbed the Notebook and began holding it in front of him with a shaky hand.

“He say’s you can see him if you touch the Notebook!” He stood up and held up the Notebook in question. “Please, everyone touch it! I swear I’m not crazy!”

He seemed adamant that whatever he’s seeing is real. And he hadn’t shown any signs of schizophrenia before.

You didn't even register The Boss giving the A-okay before you had already reached over and lightly touched it. And what you saw frightened you more than anything in this entire world. You've faced thieves, con-men, murderers and serial killers, and yet this seemed to trump all of them.

You screamed, for the first time ever in 19 years, you screamed! You faintly registered someone putting their hands on your shoulders and pulling you towards them, before they themselves went to touch the notebook.

You only started fully registering what was going on when you heard the gunshots. Multiple gunshots ringing out across the room, and the hands holding your shoulders pulled you’re shaking body down before shielding you with their own. You finally started realizing that this was Mello. Mello was shielding you from the bullets that skimmed over your heads.

Looking up, you saw that grotesque figure again; and from the bullet holes in the walls, those guns were all aimed at him/her/it.

Its head was domed shaped, and entirely wrapped up in bandages, with holes seemingly ripped out for the eyes and mouth. Its mouth… its mouth was only definable by the hole and the sharp needle like things growing from it, presumably teeth. It wore a black cloak; with some sort of a white papery substance over-top creating a collar. Its arms looked like they were incredibly long, but they were folded upwards, so that its hands seemingly hung loosely. Its hands were long red and bony.

“M-Mello?” His hands tightened their grip on your shoulders. He didn't know anything about it either.

“Nice try.” Its voice sounded incredibly bored, and reverberated across the room. “You humans can’t kill a Shinigami.”

Everyone sighed, as if it saying that meant it wasn’t going to kill them. They didn’t know that!

“Jack’s right,” The Boss sighed. “That aint no costume, that’s a real live Shinigami.”
“T-technically not a live Shinigami, since they’re G-God’s of Death.” You corrected shakily.
“So now what’d we do?”

Mello immediately started asking questions, at which you tuned out. Your book had been thrown carelessly to the ground in all the previous confusion. When you went to pick it up, you noticed how your hands were still shaking. There hasn't been anything that has left you this freaked out except that time 5 years ago…

You had tried to tune everything out, but it just didn’t work. You were back to leaning on Mello, but this time you were fake reading. Some of what was being said caught your interest.

“So what about that stuff you told us, is it true? ‘If the person using the note fails to consecutively write names if people to be killed within 13 days of each other, then the user will die. If you make this note unusable by tearing it up or burning it, all the humans who've touched the note until then will die.’ Are you saying those two rules are made up?”

The Shinigami, whose name you found out to be Shiddoh, was munching on one of Mello’s chocolate bars. In that respect, they were kindred spirits. But when The Boss asked that question, it became immediately apparent that Shiddoh was much too distracted by the chocolate and was only half listening to the goings on around him. Something he and Mello didn’t share.

“Oh yeah, those rules are definitely fake.” He answered while staring at the chocolate in his hands. “My guess is that some Shinigami wrote those rules in as a joke before giving the Notebook to a human.”

This got you thinking again. There was a possibility that this was the original Kira’s Notebook, and that he would have known about the fake rules. If that’s the case then he very likely could have used the 13 day rule to his advantage if he was ever a suspect in the previous investigation. More then likely, you would need to start focusing on those who the previous L had suspected. But… where would you find out who they are? It’s not like you can walk up to the Taskforce or the SPK and say ‘Oh hey, can you give me all those files over there on the Kira case? Yeah, the classified ones; thank you!’

That would be funny.

And speaking of the Taskforce, they’re probably majorly pissed at this Organization right now. Probably because, you know, this group kind of kidnapped their superior’s daughter and everything. They’re more then likely going to hatch a plan to get the Notebook back.

“Hey Mel’s, the Taskforce is probably going to want their book back soon. We should probably do something reasonably quickly in case they manage to find out where it is we’re located.” Okay, just to clarify, in no way are you actually helping them, it’s just that jail doesn't sound like a very good place; the same goes for death.

Mello nodded at you; obviously your brains were once again in sync.

“Shiddoh, go keep watch outside,” Said Shinigami looked up at the two of you. “It’ll be very convenient for us that you can’t be seen by humans! Go outside and keep watch, got it?”

Shiddoh looked at Mello like he was same deranged Asylum escapee. And looking behind you at him, you could see why.

He head was angled in such a way, that made his left eye look really bigger then his right, and his pupil and iris’s looked like tiny little pinpricks. It was almost intimidating… but you were still more scared of the Shinigami.


“This is a stupid idea; I don’t know why I’m doing this.” He’s been saying that for the past 15 minutes, yet he’s still going along with it. “Here, what was your dream job?”

“Well, I always liked the idea of being a detective, but I also loved reading and so being a Beta Reader was another preference. Do you even get paid for that? Anyway it’s your turn and here’s an easy one. What’s your favorite color?”

You were in Mello’s bedroom, playing 20 questions, and it seriously surprised you that Mello was going along, even if he was complaining along every step of the way.

“Red. What was your childhood like?”

You paused, should you give the lengthy description

“It was… different. My parents died when I was just a baby, leaving my brother and me alone without any living relatives. Brother took us to live with an old friend of his. Mind you, my brother was ten at the time, he met this man when he was eight and the man was in his mid-fifties; it would have been very risky. The two of us grew up in an orphanage, but not exactly the best kind of place. Suicide… was a regular occurrence. Most just couldn’t stand living there anymore. But we couldn’t do anything about it; there wasn’t another home for miles and miles. But the man who had helped us, he made it just a bit better and stuck with us the entire time.

“But by the time Brother was fifteen, he had taken the two of us out of that place. If you think I’m smart… you haven’t met him. He was utterly brilliant. He was able to get a job already and support us; and that man stayed with us and continued to help.

“But then, when I was fourteen, they both had to go to Japan for a job. Originally I had gone with them, but then I was sent back to L.A. to complete my schooling. We all knew I didn’t need to do it, but Brother had insisted. Anyway, I would get letters, and phone calls and video calls regularly, but when I was fifteen, they just stopped. I don’t exactly know the details, but I later learned that the two of them had been killed by Kira.” You paused. “They must have gotten mixed up in something.” This was a lie.

Mello looked at you, shock written over his face. You were so happy go-lucky, who would have thought…

“Anyway, I have to think of something… I kn-”

You were cut short when you both heard the screams of agony and pain coming from the lounge.

You looked at Mello, both of you with wide eyes, before he got up and ran out there while dragging you by the hand. All but two of the men were dead, most likely killed by heart attacks. Kira was certainly being bold. 5 years of sitting in the big chair has made him overconfident and cocky.

Your heart was racing… if he could see the names of people from just a face, would he have yours? Was he going to kill you too, soon? No… calm down! There have only ever been two photos of you, and you have them both. Kira wouldn’t know who you are, or even if you’re involved in anyway.

There was a bang coming from the entrance, and then the sound of marching feet. W-was this the retaliation you were waiting for? But then what the hell was Shiddoh doing? He was supposed to warn you of this stuff.

Mello’s grip tightened around your hand before he took off at a sprint again, up the stairs.

“Roy, Skier,” Mello shouted back to two still alive. “The Notebook is under Rodd’s body. Bring it too the surveillance room upstairs.”

This just shows that you’re failing to think rationally. You should have noticed the Notebook, you should know why Mello’s taking you both to the surveillance room and you shouldn't be mentally screaming to yourself.

You’re facing your mortality, something that the ones around you had done almost everyday. Why is it that you just couldn’t seem to wrap your head around the thought of dying and accept it like Mello obviously did? But isn’t it normal to be afraid of dying?

There was another huge bang coming from the room you just came from. Your coherent mind noted that it was a light explosion, and hoped that those two had gotten the Notebook okay.

Arriving in the surveillance room, Mello took note of your shaken state and placed you in the desk chair before getting to work. Slowly, your mind began making sense of everything again. Mello was… setting something up. He was… setting up wires. He was… linking the wires to a switch. He was… setting up the explosions.

You’d been told that there were explosions installed all through out the base, for extreme emergencies. Never did you think that they would be used.

“Mel’s, you’ll kill both of us!”
He stopped what he was doing and looked up at you. “No, you’re getting out of here! I’m going to blow up the two known entrances, there’s a secret passage back there. Go, now!”
“You’re an idiot! If there’s a secret passage, why don’t we both escape!?” Your voice was shrill; he was being stupid and reckless again.

He wasn’t listening to you. He flipped one of the switches in his hands and the loud bang of an explosion rang out through the whole base. This was definitely bigger then the ones from before. These were made to incapacitate, if not kill.

He tried to push you toward the secret passageway, but the sound of footsteps rang out, and a lone figure with a gun entered through the doorway. He had to act now!

“Don’t move!” That got the man’s attention. “I’ve already blown up the two entrances to this place; this’ll be your only warning. The next explosion will take out the entire building, as well as all of your men inside. So you’d better do as I say.”

Mello walked into the center of the room, of course, you followed him. He turned on a switch, making the monitors behind you light up the room. The man had taken off his helmet, revealing the face of an elderly man, probably in his 50’s or 60’s with noticeable lines of grey in his hair. The man not in the least bit surprised by Mello’s somewhat sudden appearance; it was only after looking to his left; looking at you did he seem surprised. He obviously wasn’t expecting a girl here. You didn't know this man, but Mello seemed to however, since he chuckled ever so slightly.

“Yagami again huh,” This was Saiyu’s father, Soichirou Yagami? “Maybe I should have killed you when I had the chance.” You placed a grip on Mello’s shoulder and squeezed. He knew what that meant, ‘stop talking like that!’ He ignored you. “History repeats itself, but I never dreamed in a million years that I’d be bargaining with the Notebook with you again.”

Soichirou studied Mello’s face; it was as if he was looking for something.

“Your real name,” You stopped breathing. “It’s Mihael Keehl.” Mello’s face dropped.

He… he had the same eyes as Jack! The powers to see a persons name and lifespan! So when his eyes moved over to your face, and studied you like he did Mello, you grew absolutely terrified.

Because those next words had never been uttered by anyone other than the man who helped you and your brother; those words were a special bond shared between you and your brother. Those words were represented through that single engraved cursive letter around your neck. Those words were special, and how dare he, a man who did not know you, how dare he even utter them!

“And you… your real name is…” He stopped, as if checking for clarification; as if what was written could not even be possible. “Your real name is L (Your Name).”

Those words were your real name.
[1] So here’s the box design.… I looked at heaps of really nice antique boxes, and this was my favourite. The locket however, since I had chosen a Russian Box, I made up a locket based off of the design of Russian antiques. This is the most similar I could find, just mine has no diamond, is silver not gold, and has a cursive letter engraved in the center.…

DON’T KILL ME!!!! I will explain it more in the next chapter for those of you who haven’t worked out what’s going on.
But I've had this idea for a while, and I've done a lot of hypothesizing, writing down theories on Lil’s character and back story, and this has been what you get. Only, I didn't actually partner her with Mello originally, so her story is a little bit changed here. But come on guys; who here don’t love Mello?
… Puch’yall hand down anonymous figure!

Comment guys! It is seriously important here, more than ever!

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Awwwwwww L as my big brother!!!!! That's wonderful...though I guess I can't marry him then...
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ALTERNATE UNIVERSES!! there is one where you marry l somewhere. although by the same reasoning you're probably not his sister in that universe..
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