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He… He could see your name! It wasn’t an alias that he knew, it wasn’t just 3 little letters; it was your name, the name only known between you and two others. Not only does he know it, but he had spoken it aloud. Spoken it aloud so that not only Mello could hear, but very likely someone who was on the other line of a com-link.

Your body shook in anger.

“You have no right to know or speak my name!” Your outburst caused Yagami to flinch. “You’re not my brother; you have no right to know that information! You will never be like him! And neither will your precious L number two!”

Mello was looking at you in shock. Was this why you were so smart? Was this the reason that you could outmaneuver him in a game of wits? Of course this would only happen about 55% of the time, but you were still that little notch ahead of him.

Yagami chose not to say anything. Despite obviously being a little bit shaken by your presence, or rather existence, he chose to keep his cool.

“It’s over Mello, (Your Name). If you give up I won’t kill you, you have my word on that.” His face was level, and it upset you that the Taskforce were willing to even kill someone at all… it also upset you that he was still using your name.

“Lil, it’s Lil to you!”
He nodded, “Lil then,” He opened the notebook. “You know how this works, I’ll write your names down and you’ll both die. Lil, I don’t know your involvement in this, but Mello let go of that trigger and put your hands in the air.”

A pregnant silence filled the air. You could practically cut the tension with a knife. Your hand made its way to Mello’s arm, letting him know that you didn’t want him to blow you, and especially him up. His head lowered a little bit and the arm holding the switch lowered slightly.

“Don’t move! I have already written your first name and it will only take me a second to write your surname!”
Your grip on Mello’s arms tightened. “Mello, don’t be an idiot!” But it was clear that he wasn’t listening to you.

“I’m truly sorry.” What? Where did this come from? “For what it’s worth, I give you my word that I never wanted to kill you.”
“Mello, what are you thinking?” He looked at you, and for a moment, for a single moment, it was as if your minds had become one; you were thinking in sync. That body located on Yagami’s 6, it wasn’t a dead body. And that gun sitting next to him, it was fully loaded. You nodded, understanding what was going to happen.

“But tell me Yagami, you’ve never killed someone before have you?”

It happened in a flash. The previously thought dead man grabbed the gun, and released several rounds into Yagami’s back. Even though you knew it was going to happen, you couldn't help but cringe and hind your face into Mello’s shoulder. He sensed your distress and put his arm around you, as if shielding you.

It went on for longer than you anticipated, and by the time it stopped, Yagami just collapsed. He was wearing a bullet proof vest, but he was probably shot multiple times in the arms, as well as the pain from having heaps of bullets hit that vest.

No doubt the others were now heading in your direction, gunfire was a sure sign that something big was going on.

Mello was quick to action. “Hosea, The Notebook!” He ran over to Yagami’s body, while you just continued to stand there.

This was moving much to fast. Y-your name, Mello and this ‘Hosea’ guy and probably more now know your name. The man, who found out what it was, now lay on the ground, minutes away from death. Mello, he was going to blow up this whole place and if you both didn’t get out of there quick, the two of you would go with it.

They couldn’t get Yagami to let go of The Notebook, his grip was too tight. As Hosea pulled at it fervently, Mello put on a gas mask, looked at you; you knew what this meant. ‘I’ll be doing it soon. Get out of here now!’

You shook your head. ‘Not without you!’ But unexpectedly, he pulled out a gun and aimed it at you. H-he was going to shoot you? That thing hasn’t been aimed at you since you first joined this place.
“Go!” He shouted at you, and of course, you had to oblige.

You ran to a vent, located behind the monitors. Pulling at the screws, the grate gave way easily. This was probably going to lead straight outside, judging by the rooms’ position. Entering the vent, you looked back at Mello. He was still pointing that gun at you, and… he was crying.

He was about to pull the trigger, probably at the ground in front of you. But you fully entered the quick escape before he even had the chance.

A gunshot reverberated from where you came from. People were shouting frantically, before a silence. You reached the end of a tunnel before it happened.

Really, you felt it before you heard it. An intense heat, as if the fire and brimstone from hell decided to pay you a personal visit. A loud bang rang out, accompanied by a flower of flames and flying debris. If it wasn’t for the fact that you knew what exactly that was, you could even say it was beautiful.

You had to get out of there, the heat began to sting and it felt as if it was trying to pull you back into the hellfire. Behind you, the screams could be heard; screams of people in agony, of the ones burning to their death. Was Mello one of those voices?

You heard another voice. It was different though, it was screaming in agony, there was pain mixed in there, but that was pushed back behind something else. Something you couldn’t place.

A large heavy object ploughed into your back, causing you to be propelled into the ground. The weird voice had stopped, and then a groan was heard before that too stopped. Whatever had landed on top of you was heavy, heavy enough to leave you immobile for as long as it continued to sit on top of you. You were stuck.

Painfully you reached an arm up to feel whatever it was. Was that leather? No… there was something soft and… this was Mello wasn’t it?

Dam bastard must have entered the vent as soon as he hit the switch, but the blast still sent him flying; flying into you. Maybe you should have changed direction a bit instead of running in a singular straight line from the vent’s exit.

And now you were stuck, with an unconscious Mello lying on your back. Let’s hope that he’ll wake up soon yeah? The one’s who managed to survive the explosion, who knows how long they’ll be incapacitated for. Although, you’re both a little ways away from the actual ruins; chances are that those who survived will be more focused on those who are unable to carry themselves. And upon not seeing the two of you on first glance, they’ll probably give you up as lost. They’re actually really thick headed when you think about it.

You couldn’t really do anything, Mello was heavy. So you just watched. You watched from a distance as the first man got up, then the second. It continued on like this, and they all met up at one spot, probably where Yagami’s body ended up. Was it wrong that you were now wishing evil upon him; now he knows and had given away your name that you actually ,want him to die?

Thinking like that is what made monsters. You were already one of the lying monsters; you didn’t want to be anything else.

Those who were able to walk all congregated around Yagami’s body, before picking him up and heading back to their transport; he didn’t have long. Slowly they all left, and you breathed a sigh of relief, happy no one found you.

Since now there was no present danger, you tried to get Mello’s dead weight off of you. Oh crap, he wasn’t actually dead was he? Wait no, he’s still breathing.

Anyway you tried to get him off of you. Only he seemed pretty adamant on not moving. Rolling over onto your back proved to be futile, since Mello only rolled with you. And now you were lying on your back in the dirt, with Mello on top of you and his face awkwardly in the crook of your neck. Dam it, his breath tickled and you were stuck!

All that was left to do was to think until either someone comes or Blondie here wakes up.

For tonight, and probably tonight only, Kira was working with the police to gain back The Notebook. He would have needed to prove that he was Kira, and killing people would be futile since it’s obvious that so many have the Notebook now. It’s possible that he gave his own to them and now they have two notebooks. But then again Shiddoh wanted to take his back, so that would leave them with only one again. That would mean that there were previously a minimum of 3 notebooks in circulation, and now it has gone down to a minimum of two. Kira has become overly confident, a bit too confident really. There is no way he would give up his notebook, not even so the police can get back theirs. No, there was an advantage in this for him. And why didn’t Kira work to take back the Notebook from the Taskforce for as long as they had it? It all made sense; Kira is in the Taskforce.

Wow… you haven’t thought like that in a long time. There hasn’t been a need to… and now you won’t be able to until you can get more sugar. Dam!

A car engine could be heard in the distance. It was heading in your general direction. It wasn’t police, the engine sound was all wrong. It roared with a type of beauty, it was some sort of classic car. Craning your neck, you could see that it was a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS, red and just gorgeous!

But now wasn’t the time to admire beautiful craftsmanship. Whoever was driving that car could be friend or foe. If it’s the latter, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Awkwardly, you managed to grab Mello’s gun before the driver stepped out of the car and then, as best you could, you aimed it at his head. Although it was very difficult to do this, since Mello restricted the movement in your right hand and thus could only use your left. That and you were looking at the guy upside down.

The driver was a young man around your age; shaggy brown hair, eyes hidden behind orange goggles and a cigarette in his mouth. If this were under different circumstances, you would be inclined to call him ‘Shades.’ But that doesn’t really work, since they’re goggles, not shades.

When he saw that you were aiming the gun at him, he smirked before slowly putting his hands up. Normally that would be a sign of peace, but the smirk said something along the lines of ‘I know something you don’t know’.

“You won’t shoot.” Wait… what? “I know for a fact that you don’t know how to use that gun.”
You raised an eyebrow. “And how the hell would you know that?”
He chuckled and pointed at the now really heavy man on top of you. “He told me. Besides I’m here to help you.”

You put your arm down.  He was right; you couldn’t shoot a gun to save your life. You would aim for the head and shoot the foot. But you were majorly sceptical of whether or not he was really here to help. But, if Mello did tell him about you, as seemed to be the case, then that would mean Mello probably trusted him.

“If you’re really here to help, could you get him off me?” You snapped at him, gesturing at Mello.

With a small grunt he complied. Pushing Mello off of you and rolling him onto his back. Immediately you got back up, happy to be able to breath properly once again without having Mello push down on your chest… maybe you should rephrase that sentence.

You looked at the newcomer slightly glaring; you had no idea who he was and he was pretty much expecting you to trust him automatically. He met your gaze, and although the goggles prevented you from seeing his eyes, you assumed he was mirroring your expression. After a pregnant silence, you were the first to break.

“Who are you?” He smirked, and mentally you berated yourself because it’s like you just lost a staring contest.

“You can call me Matt.” Another silence ensued. “So, do you actually want to leave any time soon? Or are you okay with just standing around amongst the smoke and flames?”

Oh yeah… there were things on fire.

“If I did go with you, were would you take us?” This would be one of the only times you could actually use the word ‘us’ when referring to you and Mello.

“I have a place that I’ve been using like a safe house.”

Really, he calls it safe house? He’s been watching and/or playing too much of the Zombie apocalypse genre; either that or he’s on the run. Hey, he’s knows Mello, it’s a possibility.

Begrudgingly you went along with him. They good part is you get a free ride in the Camaro. SCORE! [1]


“So when you said you had a safe house… Did you say that just so you could see my reaction when I realized that it was actually my apartment?”
He smirked (again) “Pretty much yeah.”
“What the hell!? Why are you living in my apartment? And stop smoking, it’s a smoke free building!”
“Well whoever your source of income is hasn’t stopped paying for your rent or your college fund. Mello and I took advantage of that and I moved my stuff here.”
“Yeah, I can see that…”

He had laptops and gaming software scattered around your living area. In order to place Mello on the couch, controllers and the like had to be swept away. It was a small apartment really. Two bedrooms, one bathroom and a really small kitchen; it was the same apartment that you lived in with your brother.

You realized something, three things actually.
1) Your provider may not have been aware of the fact that you had virtually gone missing. It wouldn’t be surprising really since you had practically no social life or anyone to call you missing.
2) You obviously weren’t going to go back to college anymore. It may have only been about 2 months, but you felt like you were too deep into this with Mello to drop it now. Besides, you were hunting Kira before, and without Mello you would never have come as far as you have.
3) Your normal laptop was blown to smithereens.

“Dam it!”
Matt looked up at you from putting his cigarette out (an action that actually surprised you a little) “What?”
“My laptop has gone kaploowy!”
He raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you have another laptop?”
“Well yeah I do, but that was the one with all my save files!”

He nodded; obviously he could actually sympathize with you there.

You moved to get your backup laptop, and Matt followed you like a lost puppy. What he wasn’t expecting was for you to go into your room, count along the wooden floor boards, and pull out the board located three paces away from the window. Reaching into the empty space, you pulled out many documents and the like before pulling out the desired piece of technology. Matt was only able to catch a glimpse of some of the documents before they were placed back in the wooden crevice. He could see that they seemed to be case files, some with the bright red letters reading ‘CLASSIFIED’ over the file.

You payed no mind to him as you moved back out into the living area and placed the laptop on the coffee table and sat yourself on the arm chair situated in front of it.

Looking over to your left at the couch, you remembered Mello…Actually how did you even forget?

“Matt, I’ve got stuff I need to take care of, could you please tend to Mels?” Your voice cracked a little bit, you could already see that he would be badly marked on his face, if not more.

Without saying anything, he complied. He was probably a little annoyed that you were making him do it. But this was important!

The laptop fired up. This was more high performance than your other one, but this was only for emergencies; emergencies such as hacking, anonymous video calls or your other one getting blown up.

You quickly entered a web chat with the only contact you had that was still alive. The person on the other end was quick to respond, as always. His face illuminated the screen, and in the corner you could see what was being shown on his; the simple letter L in black letter font on a white background. [2]

“Lil, you haven’t tried to contact me in over four years. Is everything alright?” You saw Matt stiffen when he heard that voice.

“Yeah I’m fine Rodger-” You were cut off.

“I received word that you haven’t been attending your classes. What’s been going on?”
“It’s alright I just ran into a bit of trouble.”

Matt snorted. “She was kidnapped.”
You glared angrily at him at him. “Shut up Matt! This doesn't concern you!”

“Who was that? What do they mean kidnapped?” Obviously Rodger was confused. You couldn't blame him really, after all you just lead a boring life attending college and studying for exams and the like. At least that’s what you tried to have him believe.

“No one, just an acquaintance I met about fifteen minutes ago. Yeah I was somewhat kidnapped by an overemotional blond, but I’m fine now, I got better.” There wasn’t even one thing about that sentence that sounded right.  “But look I need you to stop funding my college studies. I won’t be attending any more, but please keep the funds to my apartment running until further notice.”

“Lil, what are you doing? You’re not getting yourself involved in the investigation are you? You’re brother told you-”
“I’m sorry the person burnt to a crisp on my couch is calling for my attention. Bye~” You quickly shut down the webcam, cutting off any protests he may have had.

“So, you’re from Wammy’s house?” You looked up at Matt, eyes widening slightly.

“How did you…?”
“Mello and I both came from there. I recognised Rodger’s voice. It’s funny; I don’t remember ever seeing you.”
You looked back down at the screen, rapidly typing while responding. “He never said anything… but yeah I spent the first five years of my life there along with my brother. That was until he turned fifteen, then he took us both out into the world under the helpful guidance of Tari.”
“Wait… you were ‘under the helpful guidance of’ who?”
“Tari! Oh right, Watari. I just called him Tari when I was little and it just stuck.”
“Watari? You don’t mean… your brother… no, he couldn’t have been!”
“My brother couldn’t have been what? Watari? Hell no, my brother was L.”

Matt stared at you, utterly gobsmacked. When he had heard about you from Mello, and saw the weird anomalies in your file, he certainly wasn’t expecting that this would be the explanation.

“Dam, this is taking to long. I’m going to bed, in my bedroom. I’ll leave you to care for him.” With that you got up, leaving behind a laptop that was still downloading something, and a very surprised brunette. Inwardly you started cackling. You’d never been able to tell anyone that before since those who were aware of the information had met you along with your brother. If only you were able to tell more people, Matt’s reaction was just too funny!
[1] So the 1968 Chevrolet Camara RS SS 396 is one of my dream cars (coming second to the 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Notice a theme here?) So when I saw that Matt drove the RS, I totally freaked out. I mean have you heard the engine on one of them? They’re absolutely beautiful!
[2] So this is Blackletter font…

A.N.- Hello my lovelies, thank you all for the wonderful comments! Seriously, every time that I get the message that someone has commented, added the story to their favs or added me I get so happy. It’s just awkward when I have to explain to people why I’m seemingly randomly dancing.
So give me the feedback people! And I’ll love you for life! Unless you’re a hater, I know you guys exist and while haters are gonna hate, haters are gonna be hated, especially by me.

I don't own Death Note!

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