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There it is. This was where he lay. He was dead and buried at this exact spot.

Why would they put him here? By no means did he belong here. This may have been where he was killed, but he grew up in England and then America with you. That’s where he belonged, with you; not six feet underground in a country over a thousand miles from his actual home. And that stupid cement carving; it was utterly awful! He wasn’t religious, there shouldn’t be a cross there! That wasn’t even his real name; that was the name he had taken from a bloody obsessed stalker of his. How could they even say that they knew him? Everything about this was just wrong!

“Hey, you gonna be alright kid?” You turned around, slightly startled by the voice. In all honestly you had forgotten that she was even there.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. You head back to the Hotel Wedy, I’m going to be a while.” She looked at you skeptically before shrugging and walking off. The sound of a motor bike in the distance alerted you to the fact that she had indeed left.

After two weeks of no emails or any type of attempt at communication, Wedy and Aiber had suddenly called with an explanation.

He was dead. Lawliet, your brother, was dead.

The two of them must have liked you or something; they didn’t have to call you. Nor did they have to book a flight for you to come to Japan.

You didn’t know what to do. Are you supposed to talk to the gray stone? Are you supposed to pray? Where you supposed to bring an offering? It’s not like he could eat it now anyway! It’s not like he could just magically appear in front of you and say “actually, I would have preferred it if you brought strawberries, but cheesecake works too”.

“Are you okay Miss?”

The sudden voice broke you out of your reverie. Looking to your left, you saw a man a few years older than you wearing a black suit. His light brown hair glowed in the setting sunlight, creating the illusion of a golden aura. His honey coloured eyes almost seemed to bore into your own. His presence bothered you. He must have known Lawliet. No one would ask someone if they’re okay if they’re staring forlornly at a grave. It seemed that just as his presence bothered you, so did yours bothered him.

“Hmm, yeah I’m fine. It’s just strange how this person had the same name as me; it’s a very uncommon name.”

Choosing not to place yourself in any risky situation, you began to walk away. But it seemed that your dismissive comment piked the stranger’s interest, because he called out after you.

“Mind me asking; what exactly is your name?”

You didn’t stop walking, just turned your head back and said, “Rue, Rue Ryuzaki.”

If you had the special eyes of the one whose name you stole, you would be able to see (and undoubtedly smell) the grotesque creature floating behind the stranger. If you were able to see him, you would be able to see how he laughed at the mention of your ‘name’. This laugh set off the curiosity of the stranger, because it was then that he knew you were lying.

But you didn't have any special eyes, and you honestly didn't care anyway. You just kept walking away. Away from Lawliet’s grave, and unknowingly away from the man who had put him there.


Waking up was horrible.

The upper right side of your back, it was absolutely killing you. Your first thought was to just continue lying in bed; the pain would probably pass; only it didn't. Given the events of the night before, you just assumed the pain was from having a majority of Mello’s body wait rest there; that was quickly dismissed once you felt reached behind to feel the area in question. Upon first contact, the area went ablaze with pain. You couldn't exactly see what was causing it, it hurt too much to crane you neck for the mirror. But you had in inkling as to what it was.

Luckily for you, Matt was up and staring at one of his many screens.

“Matt, I’m going to make you feel very uncomfortable (probably), but I need you to look at something.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What?”

You turned your back to him before awkwardly (and a bit painfully) pulling your shirt off.

“Have I been burned?” You asked, sounding like it was the most common thing in the world.

Matt started making out profanities before confirming that yes indeed you had been burned. He made you sit on a chair before getting to work at treating it. You couldn’t help but wonder how the heck didn’t you feel it before? Was it the rush created from having your surroundings explode around you? Was it the anger made from having the guy you liked respected blowing up your laptop? Whatever the case, it didn’t hurt then, but it sure as hell does-

“OW!!What the hell are you doing?”
“Treating the burn! Why didn’t you say anything about this last night?”
“Well I didn’t notice it last night now did I? I just woke up and my back was killing me!”
“You’re lucky it’s only minor, but it’s still going to leave a scar.”

Silence rained down on both of you, the only noises coming from the electrical appliances, and the breathing of those in the room.

“Hey Matt…”
“What is it?”
“…Thank you.”

Matt didn’t know what it was exactly you were thanking him for, but he wasn’t going to question it. From what Mello had told him, you were a very… let’s go with impolite, you were a very impolite person. As in people just did what they did, and nothing else becomes of it unless it affected you drastically. So the fact that you were taking a step down from the pedestal to thank him for something was quite the feat.

Of course you knew you were thanking him for treating both you and Mello. And since it would have been blatantly obvious for most people, you assumed that was the same for Matt too.

Finally Matt finished, but there weren’t any bandages, so your only option was to take it easy. This was okay in your books, so long as you had your laptop at hand and someone who could go out and buy you sweets on command. Speaking of which…

“Matt, there’s a candy store two blocks away. Take this and buy stuff. Spend all of it in that store and don’t leave any change.”

Matt looked at you. “And why should I?”

He took the money and pocketed it anyway before lighting a cigarette.

“Because it means you can go outside and smoke. That way I don’t have to put that cigarette out. And also because I can’t think properly without my sweets and you told me to take it easy.”

He glared at you. You stared at him. He continued to glare at you. You continued to stare at him. Glare. Stare. Glare. Stare. Glare. Stare. Blink.

“Yay, I win! Now go outside and get me some nonnoms!”

Matt chose not to say anything about your sanity or lack there of. Instead he put on his goggles before heading to fulfill your request. That left you alone with Mello.

You sat next to him on the edge of the couch. The whole left side of his face above the mouth would be scarred. How was he going to react to that? Your back would be scarred too, but you could easily hide that. On the bright side, it would make for a brilliant Zuko cosplay. You laughed a little. It didn’t last long though, a frown took its place immediately afterwards.

Reaching a hand out, you lightly touched the burn. Your touch caused his face to distort. His eyes snapped open and his hand latched onto your hand, making it hurt slightly. These actions were so sudden that you reeled back slightly in shock.

“Lil?” He managed to mumble.

Not saying anything, you only nodded. His hold on your hands loosened slightly.

“What happened?”
“Well you went all kamikaze on us, blew up the base. Your face has been burnt, which I think will leave a scar I’m sorry.”
“And what about the Notebook? Tell me you managed to keep the Notebook!?” His voice became frantic.

“I’m sorry, the Taskforce took it. Remember Yagami wouldn’t let go of it…” your voice trailed off.

Mello seemed to then remember the events of the previous night, because he then grabbed a hold of your shoulders, squeezing them tightly.

“Lil, last night, Yagami, he could see our names! That means-”
“Yeah, I know Mels. What’s more, I believe Kira to be in the Taskforce. In other words, he would know our names and either of us could die t any given moment. Kira has become too confident…”

Something snapped inside you, because you just remembered something incredibly important.

“You jerk!” You slapped the side of his face without a burn. “What were you thinking!?”


You stood up and slapped him again, your body quivering from a mixture of emotions.

“You’re an idiot Mello. You blew that place up without thinking of anyone else!”

You moved to slap him again but he caught you wrist. You tried again with the other hand, but he caught that one too. He stood up, both of your arms in his grip. You struggled against him, but it was futile, he wasn't letting go.

“That’s bull! I sent you outside, away from the fire and explosion. I sent you-”
“That’s not what I mean! You could have died back there! You could have died and I would have been alone again. I… I can’t go through that again. I already lost my brother, and I’ve also lost Tari… I can’t lose you too!”

He hesitated for a moment, the words stuck in his throat

“Y-your brother… he was L wasn’t he?”

You nodded. “We both took on the name L after our parents died…”

He mulled it over in his mind. It made sense, with what you had told him of your past, it fit with the stories L had told him too.

“Look, I’m…” He couldn't find the right words. “I’m… Dammit Lil I’m sorry!”

At this point, you broke down. You were blinking back so many tears as it was. Now you couldn't do anything as the sobs overtook you. You just let it happen, and buried your face into Mello’s chest. You expected him to push you away, you expected him to complain about you getting his shirt wet. But it was exactly the opposite. He put his arms around you, pulling you closer to him.

Your back was to the front door, so you didn’t see what happened while you were calming down.

Matt had walked in with the sweets you requested. But before he took a single step in, he saw the gun in Mello’s hand. He was still hugging you, but he had managed to pull his gun out and point it at Matt. Matt knew what this meant. ‘Get out now! Come back later!’ Of course, Matt obliged. Putting the plastic bag of sweet confections down, be proceeded to backtrack and slowly close the door.

All Matt could wonder was who the hell you were. Mello never hugged anyone, especially a girl!

Back inside though, it could be summed up with these confessions.

“I can’t lose you Mihael.”
“I can’t lose you either (Your Name).”
Reality used distraction. It was super effective! CJ now has writers block! CJ used Screw You Reality. Reality is now a delusion!
Yeah, I conquered the evil forces of writers block. In other words, I took ages because life seems to hate me, and makes my mind turn to mush.

Sorry its short guys, but this was a chapter I had planned since the start. I have this skeleton formed of OI and there should be a minimum of at least 12 chapters. That means we’re half way through! Maybe that’s not good… maybe you guys want to get this over and done with, or maybe you want this to go over forever and ever, I dunno. If I manage to finish this, I’ll be happy. This will be the first story I’ve planned and written from beginning to end.

Oh and I only came online to post this. Sorry if you made a comment or sent me a note. I'll hopefully be replying to all of them soon, everything is just really hectic at the moment.

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